About Origination Data

Origination Data aims to bring more transparency into mortgage lending by making the exploration and discovery of data more accessible. We do this by including every lender, not just paying participants. Easily see top performing lendors in each market, along with other useful performance metrics.

How We're Different


There are dozens of "mortgage comparison" websites, services and pseudo-brokerages on the internet. They all follow the same model-- showing you rates for banks who are paying them. We aim to show every organization's data-- not just those who are paying. Sure, there is more money to be made by being a pay-to-play operation, but where is the objectivity and consumer benefit in that?

Our Methodology


Given the fragmentation of the mortgage lending landscape, it is incredibly difficult to capture an instantaneous snapshot of every lendor's behaviors. Instead, we aim to facilitate a consensus (looking at all loan data) oriented view of every lendor. This means we're not aiming to provide instant rate quotes-- rather provide information on an organization's performance relative to others in the market. If a lendor is a low rate & low fee in one year, chances are, they'll continue being so the next.