Benchmarking Subscription Service

Understand where your organization stands with regards to rates, fees and market share-- both within and across various markets. Our consensus, authoritative data provides the most accurate representation of how your organization is performing relative to other market participants.

Features Include

Table & Chart Export Functionality - Easily export graphs, charts and tables as shown on the website to formats such as static images, CSV or Excel spreadsheets.

Per Market Lender Attributes - See traits such as loan recipient attributes and product mixes for any lender in any market. Our free service provides this data on a per lender basis aggregated across all markets.

API access - Programmatically access the data you want through a RESTful interface.

Pivot-table Web Functionality - Perform cross-tabs and create your own pivot tables/charts in your browser using our data. Export your results for your targeted uses.

In-depth Market-share & Movement Tracking - Easily see shifts in market share by lender, product type and other features over time.

Branch Analysis - Ad-hoc reports detailing branch locations and potential correlations with intra-market lending volumes.

Additional Customizations - We already source and aggregate data from multiple sources. We can partner with subscribers to create custom solutions as needed.

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