Rockport USDA Loan Rates, Closing Costs & Stats

Rockport, TX

USDA loans are zero-downpayment loans targeted towards lower-income households in rural areas. They can be made directly by the US Department of Agriculture or through a participating lender-- and they typically to borrowers with credit scores over 640. They can have subsidized rates, making them very competitive in terms of cost, but they have more stringent standards on who is eligible as well as specific covenants such as only being available in rural areas and limits on home size.

Rockport's 2 lenders originated 3 USDA loans during 2021. The total origination value was $485,000, with an average USDA loan value of $161,667.

Rockport USDA Loans, 30 Year Fixed Rates

30 Year USDA mortgages in Rockport averaged 6.38% for the week of 2022-12-02, compared to the national average (all USDA variants) of 6.437% for the same period.

Rockport's average USDA mortgage closing costs are $5,678.

The average rate for the prior week (2022-11-25) was 6.92% and one month ago for the week of 2022-10-28, the average rate was 7.19%.

The average rate one year ago was 3.48%.

For refis of the same type during the week of 2022-12-02, the average rate was 6.16%.

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Rockport USDA Loan Lenders by Rates & Fees

The below table looks at the average fees/closing costs and rates for USDA 30 Year Fixed Rate (purchase, first lien) mortgages originated by each lender at the Rockport level.

Name # of Loans 2021 Avg. 30yFix Rate 2021 Avg. Closing Costs
Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC 1 4.63% $9,234
Citizens Bank 1 3.50% $4,317

The top Rockport USDA lender as defined by loan originations is Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC, with 1 USDA loans originated. Their average total fees are $9,234, which is $4,917 higher than the next largest lender, Citizens Bank.

The lowest fee Rockport USDA lenders (with over 10 loans originated) are .

The lowest rate Rockport USDA lenders (with over 10 loans originated) are .