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The Home Loan Expert is a smaller mortgage company specializing in various types of mortgages.

We show data for every lender and do not change our ratings-- even if an organization is a paid advertiser. Our consensus data does have lag, but it is highly correlated to a lender's rates & fees relative to their markets. This means that if a bank is a low fee/rate lender the past-- chances are they are still one today. Our SimulatedRates™ use advanced statistical techniques to forecast different rates based on a lender's historical data.

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Mortgage Type
Simulated Rate Simulation Date
30 Year Conventional Purchase 6.61% 7/14/24
30 Year Conventional Refi 6.63% 7/14/24
30 Year Cash-out Refi 7.08% 7/14/24
30 Year FHA Purchase 7.45% 7/14/24
30 Year FHA Refi 7.09% 7/14/24
30 Year VA Purchase 6.13% 7/14/24
30 Year VA Refi 6.38% 7/14/24
30 Year USDA Purchase 6.52% 7/14/24
15 Year Conventional Purchase 6.14% 7/14/24
15 Year Conventional Refi 6.31% 7/14/24
15 Year Cash-out Refi 6.31% 7/14/24
15 Year FHA Refi 5.68% 7/14/24
These are simulated rates generated by our proprietary machine learning models. These are not guaranteed by the bank. They are our estimates based on a lender's past behaviors combined with current market conditions. Contact an individual lender for their actual rates. Our models use fixed rate terms for conforming loans, 700+ FICO, 10% down for FHA and 20% for conventional. These are based on consensus, historical data-- not advertised promotional rates.

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The default purchase price is the median sales price across the US for 2022Q4, per FRED.



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We use machine learning to identify the top lenders compared against The Home Loan Expert based on their rates and fees, along with other useful metrics. A lower similarity rank signals a stronger match.

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Similarity Rank: 72
First Farmers and Merchants Bank
Similarity Rank: 130
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First Citizens National Bank
Similarity Rank: 288
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